Procurement Planning

Procurement, though a cost center, is a vital business function as it helps build your business offerings, which is at the heart of any organization. In procurement management, lead times and production times have to be optimally matched to derive the most from business operations. Moreover, it must be ensured that all the respective departments are mapped to the workflow for the procurement function, for maximum productivity and cost-efficiency.
The EZ Procurement Planning package provides the means to proactively manage this critical function as well as track and compare vendor quotes with the innate bid comparison feature. The package develops a workflow to minimize risks associated in acquiring materials required in daily operations of the organization as well as cementing strong business relationships with vendors.

The EZ Procurement Planning solution enables:
» Integration of various departments with the Procurement office to allow automated requisitions
» Track and replenish inventory based on the needs of various departments
» Track and records change orders, invoices, issue of receipts, etc.

Why EZware?
» Faster response to procurement request, which in turn reduces time to market
» Cost savings attributed to vendor and bid evaluation functions, enabling select the best vendor in terms of pricing and quality, with minimal supply chain costs
» Reports for visibility into the existing procurement process

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