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In a dynamic business environment having a Payroll System which is efficient, robust and user-friendly is crucial, with EZ Business System’s Payroll; it will allow you to analyze your human capital costs by using readily available tools.

The Payroll Module will provide the flexibility for you to control the pay items and the integrity of the data, through a series of set up parameters and flies.

The system interfaces to Human Resource modules to import and update these payroll transactions into the system for processing into the payroll. It will provide for integration to your General Ledger by report or export of the accounting transactions relating to built-in account codes and cost centers


Supported by the knowledge and experience of experts in more than 600 companies in GCC, EZ Business System’s fixed asset management module has been utilized to effectively address each of the following processes:
Experience the benefits of increased fixed asset reliability. Asset management module from EZ Business System will provides Company with the capabilities needed to enhance asset performance, create optimal maintenance schedules, and reduce total asset-related operational costs.
Gain the technology to consistently achieve a higher return on assets. Fixed asset management module from EZ Business System will optimize processes associated with materials, purchasing, warranty/claims, and requisitions management in order to reduce asset-related costs without reducing productivity.
Effectively forecast the performance of your organization’s assets. EZ Business System will increase uptime by providing advanced capabilities to quickly detect and repair assets, as well as determine reasons for failure in order to help maximize the use of your assets.
Gain a comprehensive overview of your assets through enhanced enterprise-wide visibility. Advanced fixed asset management module from EZ Business System will allow any Company to efficiently monitor and improve asset performance across multiple locations in order to maintain productivity, comply with a growing number of regulations, and reduce overall costs


EZ Business System’s Financial Management is a complete, end-to-end enterprise financial management solution designed to meet the needs of the most complex, multinational organizations. The solution comprises a robust set of applications that support all aspects of financial business activities:
  • EZ Business System Financials will provide core accounting and reporting capabilities with scalability to support the requirements of any Company. The general ledger will simultaneously support parallel books of accounts. The solution integrates accounts payable and receivable applications in high-volume environments. Complete integration with the general ledger will ensures the most up-to-date balances and reporting accuracy.
  • EZ Business System will provide robust cash, liquidity, and financial risk management capabilities that enable our clients to precisely manage cash, mitigate financial risks, and streamline bank interactions, online portal’s payments and payment processes. This will be integrated with EZ Business System’s General Ledger software to ensure strict adherence to regulatory compliance and financial reporting standards.


EZ Business System’s Fleet Management System includes:
  • Fleet Tracking through GPS device (GSM/ GPRS enabled) – Additional Feature
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Hiring of Fleets
  • Cost apportionment of the fleet to the project
  • Cost apportionment of the fleet to the books of accounts
  • Fleet Insurance, Registration Service Management


The EZ Business’s business intelligence module depicts the overall position of the company and helps the stake-holders take corrective decisions before the occurrence of a major critical event. The BI module contains graphical representation (Dashboard) of the important reports which can be drilled down to the lowest level where data was inserted.


The data in the current system will be reviewed by our Database Analyst at EZware Technologies Back office and then further recommendations would be provided in order the migrate the data to the new system. We will classify the data into two categories:
  • Master Data
  • Transaction Data


Please refer to the EZware ERP Project Implementation plan below for a more detail outlook on the overall implementation and hand over strategy.
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