Material / Inventory

A vital aspect of Material Management, Inventory Management system provides information to efficiently manage the flow of materials, effectively utilize people and equipment, coordinate internal activities and communicate with customers.
The EZ Business System for Inventory Management enables a balance between your demand and supply of materials, helps process invoices and receipts and regulates the supply chain for cost-effectiveness.
The EZ Inventory Management system helps businesses by:
» Enabling the Purchase and Inventory functions to provide the right quantity of the right quality available at the right time.
» Providing the correct and accurate information of the available stock.
» Generating comprehensive reports for the management to make buying decisions.
Why EZware?
» Accuracy in determining the current inventory stock and valuation, and mapping that with the ongoing demand for cost-efficiency
» Integration of warehouses which may be geographically dispersed and calculating the feasibility of shipment at the site of demand by considering cost factor
» Tailor-made reports for the management to get a view of the overall Material Management system and Inventory function, to gauge the process efficiency and develop strategies for improvement

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