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Employee of the Month : October 2014

Employee of the Month Oct-2014

Name: Dinkar Mali

Employee IDEZPD0016                                                                  Joining Date: 02.01.2012



Words from his Supervisor Mr. Prakash Kawadkar (EZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)


He is good in understand the logic. He can easily understand the requirement of client and also give input on it. He always tried to finish his work on time with perfection. He is good in developing new logic but required some help to finish in good manner. But I believe he will be a good asset for company in near future and help us to for new development.

During last month he worked on many projects of Dubai and putted his effort to make stream line. As we know in Dubai we have only 3 programmer and 12 projects. All are new projects. Because projects are new we are getting new requirement from client based on gap analysis and also we have some old bugs in system. He worked every day into 2 -3 project based on priority and finish within given time frame.

He developed good and standard product for AL Noor Hospital as per requirement which we can use for standard product and easily integrated into new system.

This Month Achievement (Oct-2014)

  1. Finish Payroll module and received Sign off from client –AMBB.
  2. Finish Estimation & Budget Module and received Sign off from client –Ahmed Bin Dasmal
  3. Finish Inventory, Purchase, Sales, Production module requirement and received signoff from client.- Mekar
  4. Finalize and completed requirement for Payroll &Hr module –Diplomat, We will get sign off next week.
  5. Finalize & completed requirement for Estimation and Budget –OMIS, We will trying to get sign off by next week.
  6. Salary Process, Final & Leave settlement common changes which we can use in all other projects. We already updated in DXB projects and tested with client.
  7. Some more sign off we are expecting in few days for Estimation, Budget and Payroll module from AMBB, OMIS, DIPLOMAT,ABD etc.

This month his big achievement is we got 3 sign off.

We are using Ahmed Bin Dasmal and Mekar as Standard project for Contracting& Trading-Production-Job Order vertical.


Previous Month Achievement (Sept-2014)

1. WPS Standard report

2. Employee Transfer Project Wise & Department wise along with report

3. Salary Register & Salary History new report.

4. Gadget Detail for employee –It will work wits Asset Issue and will show in employee master gadget detail.

5. Job Order changes new updation with Stock Reserve and Unreserved against job order and PO-Job Order.

6. Sno concept for newly created items from Job Order and work with flow till dispatch and SID.

7. PBS : Allow user to define work package at any level and it will work with flow.

8. Estimation & Budget standard changes to make functionally more clear to user.


Above mention all are the standard activity that we can use in other projects.

Other Achievement

  1. Al Noor Hospital: He developed a good product for recruitment process (Human Resource) as per given requirement. We can use this as standard product for Recruitment module.
  2. Ahmed Bin Dasmal: He makes some good utility for time sheet import with lot of verification. In this before importing data its verify all the data and given message and duplicate records and missing employee list before importing final data. So before final import its checking OT rules ,Employee list, Projects, duplicate records in combination of (Emp code + Project + Shift) etc. Its good utility and we are using thing in all DXB project, Mr.Rajet also given his input during this implementation. Now we have a good utility to import client time sheet data with different condition.

He made change in PBS to add work package at any level and use in estimation & budget. He Remove the restriction to make work package at 5 level and use. Now u can define work package at any level and add manpower, material etc and use it. Currently we implemented in Ahmed bin dasmal soon we will update in other standard pkg.

  1. Diplomat: He made utility to Import Time sheet for excel file with validation ,Like if employee is not available in system during import it will generate list to show employee name ,same thing for project. Also this utility will check Project working Hrs and OT hrs limit and give msg.So this is good utility that we can reuse in multiple project.
  2. AMBB: Made change for Time sheet import along with Employee daily and month calculation for labour and staff. This changes is also we can implement in other project its standard calculation as per law.

Below mention points are develop during the month which we can use as standard functionality in other projects.


1)      Loan Application Link with Payment Voucher and validation for loan deduction.

One’s loan application is made and approved it should come in payment voucher form. If payment voucher is done against that application than only it should allow to make Loan deduction against that application.

If Loan deduction is made it should not allow editing or deleting payment voucher and loan application.
2)      Employee Document Management: Document Issue and Document Receive with report

Add status in employee master document detail and update the status from Document Issue and Document receive. This form we are using to keep the information of employee document.

Ones u are going to issue document to employee use document issue form and after saving data it will update document status in employee master. Based on document issue u can receive document form employee.      

3)      Company Document Management & Alerts

Under system Admin we have form for document attachment and its related to company document. Update this form and add Issue date, expiry date and remarks of document and add alert based on expiry.

4)      PDC Deposit Changes for Bank and PDC A/c. It should update back data. 

After entering data in Opening balance or Payment Or receipt voucher of PDC/PDR.If client want to change bank name or PDC a/c ,it should allow to change in PDC deposit form and update back data.

5)      Tender & Budget Report:

1. Tender details

2. Tender detail package wise

s3. All budget resource details

6)      Salary Register Detail: update new report for salary register, it will show detail for month employee wise.

He is easily accepting new changes and understand requirement. He will be a good future for company point of view.

Employee of the Month : September 2014

Employee of the Month Sep-2014

NameAnnu Narang

Employee IDEZPD0027                                                                  Joining Date: 22.05.2012



Words from his Supervisor Mr. Vijay Pratap Singh (EZ Technologies Pvt. Ltd.)


Congratulations! Annu Narang you have been awarded as the employee of the month for the month of September, 2014. The award consists of the cash amount along with a certificate which is a token of appreciation of your exemplary work.

We appreciate the effort and the time you have put into your job in the past 2 year. We have noticed that since the time you have joined as Software Developer, you have displayed great enthusiasm to learn and grow professionally. You have been working hard to gain the maximum benefit from your work. We might not show our appreciation frequently as the work keeps us busy all the time, but we never fail to notice the hard work of our employees in the long run.

To show our appreciation for your work and conduct, we bestow upon you the Certificate of the ‘The Employee of the Month September 2014’.

This is a gesture from our part to reward the efforts of our employees with appreciation certificates. The ‘Employee of the Month’ certificate is a constant reminder of your achievements from our side.


We expect you to keep the same spirit and extend best wishes for further achievements. We hope we find many such opportunities to congratulate you in the future. We hope you will be inspiring us with your innovative thinking for years to come.

Employee of the Month : August 2014

Employee of the Month Aug-2014

Name: Rajat Garg

Employee ID: EZPD0020                                                                                                Joining Date: 01.04.2012

Marking– 93.75%

Words from his Supervisor Mr. Prakash Kawadkar (Operation Manager, EZ Technologies Pvt Ltd)

He is good in understand the logic. He can easily understand the requirement of client. Most importantly, if anything is incorrect and not feasible he gives his input and tries to clear the entire thing before start of work. He is good in developing new concepts. He is always helpful to his co-workers and easy available. He is ready to take any new task and implementing logic in stable and reusable way. He shows a sign of a good team leader.

He always tries to create utilities which are reusable for all packages. He is learning things very fast.

During last month he worked on many projects of Dubai and took some hard efforts to streamline those projects. As projects are new we are getting many requirements from clients based on gap analysis and also few bugs from previous system. He always tries to solve bug on permanent basis.

  1. Diplomat: As per requirement he made a good product for project management. He made some good changes in PBS, Estimation, Budget etc. and linked with Item master and inquiry flow. He had given many inputs during implementing logic. Now we are using that package as standard package for contracting. I appreciate his effort during building new product.
  2. Ahmed Bin Dasmal: This is also a contracting package and also using as base package. He is putting many validation and functional in estimation form for making form easy for user. Client is also happy to see that changes and appreciate us. Whenever I given any new changes he is giving his best to fulfill the requirement. I am happy to see his effort.
  3. Al Amer Electrical Board: He created new report for Cash Foresting based on requirement. Rework is there because client requirement not clear but in last he get the logic and made a perfect report and make client happy.As per requirement he made lot of changes on that package and given his input for validation and other area.He almost corrected avg cost issue and back dated entry thing for avg cost and cogs.He corrected stock and finance report before asking and informed. Now this AAEBM we are using as standard product for Trading vertical.
  4. Al Sulaihi: He created good utility for update avg cost with different case.
  5. Sameer Al Mahmoud: He made good changes in PDC deposit functionality for back update a/c in case of Receipt voucher or any PDR along with opening balance. Also getting fast support whenever required to solve client query.

He made some good utility and function which we are using globally like Physical Stock changes, Import functionality for physical stock, SNo concept in Item master along with flow etc.

Below mentioned points are developed during the month which we can use as standard functionality in other projects.


Cash Foresting report.

Cash foresting report is showing all the un-reconcile, un-deposited PDC, PRR etc, information along with current balance in bank a/c. This is useful to check bank balance any between period along with all payable and receivable.


PDC Cancel / Refund Form (Facility Management)

Any Tenant can cancel / Replace his rental payments of his agreement.

This template provides to cancel and make separate RV of same PDC Cancel voucher

With different payment option.


On Order Discount: Discount changes for On Order discount and Item wise discount. On order discount will not affect item entry and will pass separate a/c entry as per a/c selection.

Employee of the Month : July 2014

Employee of the Month July-2014

NameSantosh Kundhare

Employee ID: EZPD0020                                                                                                Joining Date: 01.01.2013

Marking– 91%

Words from his Supervisor Mr. Ritesh Puranik (Manager Administration, EZ Technologies Pvt Ltd)

Santosh Kundhare joined Ezware on 01/01/2013 as a software developer. He was the one who shown his outstanding performance in report coding and database related area. We found him very helpful with other his co workers. He shown the outstanding performance at our overseas branch and his work was highly appreciate. He has a good knowledge to understand the client requirement. In his past working years he works on our entire domain like contracting, real states, trading etc. the main quality which make him special is less input and perfect output. He is the one who is able to find solution himself and complete the assignment on given time frame.

Achievements – During the last few months he showed best performance to fixing the problems which come in our ERP. There are few examples we can take-
1) DCC- This is purely work of conversion of one 14 years old package to new frame work. It was very hard to someone who has not that much of experience on highly customize project and management asking to make it convert into new frame work. With his vision is making it possible and convert the complete old ERP into a new frame work in 1 shot. Same thing he is doing with Golden Loaf.
2) Happy Socks – This is again a new work for Ezware. We need to provide the functionality to synchronize database from one location to another location. He made it done in very less time and in one shot. Client also appreciates his work.

Commitment and perfection – He is perfect in his commitment and work. The one thing is very appreciating is before start any work he always make clarity on it. This quality always protects a developer from the rework.

Discipline – He is always has good dressing sense, soft spoke. In his all total working career he never took any unplanned leave. Always give first priority to office which is highly appreciated.

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