Job Costing

In Construction and/or Manufacturing sectors, it is imperative to calculate the optimum cost of any ‘job’ , which are recorded in ledger accounts throughout the life of the job and then summarized in the final trial balance. There may be a variety of factors that can help minimize the job costs like efficient procurement, reduction in supply chain costs, among others.
The EZ Job Costing System helps provide the managers and decision makers with relevant information required to make wise business decisions. The EZ Job Costing package also helps monitor job progress – budget vs. actual and then generating variance analysis.

The EZ Job Costing tool helps:
» Calculate the optimal path to execute an activity/job which is cost-effective as well as complies with the quality standards
» Generate activity-wise reports which may be used by different stakeholders

Why EZware?
» Built-in functionality that considers all the factors while processing job costing, and consequently efficient costing process
» Cost-savings, attributed to efficient costing process
» Faster processes, coupled with high accuracy helps provide insights for better decision-making
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