Inquiry Management

Efficient query handling can help business build rapport with the customers, which is the key source of revenue. In state of fierce competition and demanding clients, quick responses coupled with feasibility and accuracy of responses is of utmost importance. Many a times, it is the time taken for a response that spells a customer won or a customer lost.

The EZ Inquiry Management System allows you to respond with a high degree of accuracy which helps in increasing the overall business revenue. This module serves to automate and optimize the end-to-end process of inquiry handling and management, including:

  • Receive, process and register all the sales inquiries in the CRM system
  • Assignment of inquiries to the representatives, based on set criterion(s)
  • Quotations to the clients
Apart from the inquiry management for customers, EZ Inquiry Management module can be deployed for inquiry management from suppliers/vendors for procurement. The software package also helps in effectively tracking all responses, thereby providing you with business visibility that helps in planning and developing strong business strategies.
Why EZware?
» Quick responses, which are accurate and feasible to attain maximum profitability
» Easy Management of records with all the required information, free from redundancy/duplication
» Tracking every inquiry and generating reports for the management to gain visibility in the process

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