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Payroll Software Dubai

The Human Resources department may be considered a cost center, but they are the intellectual capital of any organization. Acquisition and retention of talented individuals play a vital role in the overall growth of an organization, making HR and payroll management a key business area.
The EZ HR and Payroll module not just eases HR administration tasks, but it optimizes the overall HR function by automating the processes, recording and tracking the employee information for easy access to the stakeholders. Moreover, the EZ Business System for HR and Payroll increases the overall employee satisfaction, attributed to timely and accurate responses to employee affairs – payroll, approvals and requests, grievances
With EZ HR and Payroll application, you can:
» Automate and optimize your HR function for elevated employee satisfaction, reducing the time investment by the HR staff
» Integration of HR with other departments for easy exchange of information, for example, projects department may seek employee information based on their skills or availability
» Easy reporting of employee-related information for the stakeholders to make informed business decisions
Why EZware?
» Faster processing of employee information for internal stakeholders, which is accurate, up-to-date and reliable
» Speedy resolution of employee issues, enhancing the overall employee productivity
» Sync of the HR function with other departments, which enables access to employee information, as and when needed

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