Fixed Asset Management

The Fixed Assets of an organization are a key facilitator of the overall business function, and as such, its significance cannot be undermined. With conventional methods to manage the fixed assets, there is a lot of paper-work, which is labor-intensive and is prone to inaccuracies in retrieval and tracking of asset information.

The EZ Fixed Assets Management module enables review of capital spending requests and expenditures in accordance with company policies, budget availability, and allows procurement, allocation and tracking of the assets. It allows management of documents such as the original invoice, warranty, maintenance contract, maintenance record, insurance contract, lease, power requirements, an image of the asset, along with the record information of each asset

The EZ Fixed Assets Management Solution enables:
» Collection, review, processing and tracking of fixed asset acquisition requests, purchases, capitalizations, transfers, adjustments, reclassifications, retirements/sale, capital improvement project (CIP) activities.
» Distribution of monthly management reports related to capital intensive projects and fixed asset activity.
» Tracking, reporting, analysis and accounting of fixed assets on regular intervals based on the organizational policies
Why EZware?
» Automated tracking of organization’s fixed assets so as to retrieve them as and when needed, and also prevent asset loss/misuse/manhandling
» Periodic calculation of depreciation reports to make informed decision on disposal or retention of assets
» Accurate fixed asset information required for taxation and audit purposes

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