Business runs on a simple rule – the more accurate a quote the better the chances on winning the deal, we understand this and have developed a special software package for our clients to increases their chances of winning highly competitive business deals.
The EZ Quotation Management System has the ability to set pricing specific to each customer or have default discounts for each customer. Pricing for products or services can be based on volume or client serviced. This application becomes a lethal weapon when data from other functions like Stock/Services, Prospect, Jobs/Projects and Contacts modules is integrated in this central application, to beat competing vendors. Details for an estimate / quotation can be entered based on requirement – line by line basis or on a textual basis. Records can be duplicated, amended, or turned into a job, sales order, sales invoice or a purchase order with the click of a button.
  • Supplier Bid Comparison
  • Additional Cost Calculations
  • Markup for Sales
  • Estimate Preparation
  • Reports
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