Equipment / Fleet Management

Fleet management is a vital function in the logistics area, which apart from being a full-fledged sector, is also a quintessential part of industries with extensive supply chain like retail, construction and manufacturing, among others. Fleet Management involves sub-contractor management, hiring and tracking fleet vehicles, managing documentation like fleet registration and other claims.
With EZ Business System for Fleet Management, businesses can evaluate the kind of fleet needed, analyze whether to hire fleet services or maintain their own fleet machinery, and then manage the fleet for optimal cost-efficiency.
With EZ Fleet Management application, you can:
» Hire and track your fleet vehicles via GPS devices, track the status of claims and repairs
» Devise the optimal supply chain strategy deploy the fleet equipments effectively.
Why EZware?
» Real-time information on fleet availability and status, so that it could be deployed as and when needed
» Compatibility with the law of the land on compliances norms for vehicles, to avoid penalties due to delay in claim processing
» Cost-effectiveness and efficiency, attributed to job costing for fleet usage

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