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Founded in 1996 with headquarters in Abu Dhabi, EZware Technologies is a leading provider of best-in-Class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software suite, which enables easy and quick integration of your business applications, streamlining and optimizing your business processes. Along with its flagship EZ Business System, EZware Technologies provides independent and customizable modules for your major business functions including but not limited to Sales, Procurement and Inventory, Financial Accounting, Personnel and Payroll, and Fixed Assets.

With a huge client base, EZware Technologies has been a trusted technology partner for a host of leading businesses in the Middle East, Africa and India. Some of the global and regional leaders including Emirates Industrial Bank, RAK Bank and ABS Lubricants, Al Jaber, Commodore Contracting and Al Masaood among others have deployed EZware platform to reduce their operating and administrative costs, optimize inventory, and improve on internal schedule compliance, thus elevating the overall business efficiency.

The key business benefits of EZ Business Suite are as under:

EZware technology is based on highly scalable platform which allows you to change or redefine the specifications only when there is a need to alter the business requirements. You can add or reduce the number of users and/or processes and functions into the system without incurring the expense to replace the system. Moreover, the EZware tools also integrate with your legacy applications, lowering the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and thereby enhancing the Return on Investment (ROI).
EZware products are easy to implement and require minimal training to run the system, reducing the latency between implementation and actual usage of the tool. Moreover, it helps reduce manual errors like duplication and/or redundancy of records, thus easing the entire business function.
The EZ Business System and its independent modules can be customized to meet your business requirements. It is highly flexible and is not based on one-size-fits-all approach. Our tailor-made product implementation strategy lies at the heart of our business model, which is to use technology as a catalyst to enhance business productivity for our clients.
Our adept technical staff specializes in project implementation, and provides excellent after-sale support, to enable the business users on product functionality and usage. As a next step, our technical support also chalks out best practices for implementation, to maximize your business productivity.
Our functional consultants work on understanding the DNA of the organization to suggest methodologies to help the organization cope with resistance to change and enable the business users gain the maximum out of their ERP implementation.
EZware Technologies has differentiated its offerings in the highly commoditized ERP space. While delivering business solutions, we go beyond the functionality aspect, and build viable technology architecture for clients which allow them to materialize their mid-term to long-term business goals.


With its R&D and back office operations in India, EZware offers cost effective products under the name EZ Business System for most business sectors namely: Construction – Manufacturing – Trading Services. Please click here to read more about our product matrix.


At EZware Technologies we have developed many products which are standardized to the requirements of various business sectors. We help our customers to take advantage of IT in overcoming various day to day business problems.

We help them save time and reduce redundancy in organization. We help our customers set up a system for their organization to follow, through the use of our software. We have standard software(s) which right away can be installed at the customer’s computer network. Then based on their specific needs it can be tailored further.


Mr. Shabbir Zirapury

Managing Director

Tech Evangelist and Visionary Entrepreneur Mr. Shabbir Zirapury founded EZware Technologies LLC in 1996 in Abu Dhabi, UAE, with the intent to automate and optimize his business processes in GCC, India & South Asia regions. He had predicted the growth of his businesses through automation while these emerging markets still operated using traditional methodologies which were labor-intensive, and therefore, subject to errors and inaccuracies, that consequently delivered lower customer satisfaction rate.

Mr. Shabbir Zirapury being a California State University graduate saw the gap in Enterprise Level Automation and desired to achieve that through cost effective software applications. This visionary replicated the technology-centric approach of the western world and to fill the gap between Tier 3 ERP module providers and Tier 1 ERP solution vendors, Mr. Shabbir Zirapury conceptualized EZ Business Systems.

During the turn of this millennium, EZware Technologies having offices in U.A.E, K.S.A and India emerged as one of the very few ERP Solution providers who catered to the needs of mid-size and large businesses. We have over 1,000+ Clients in the GCC region since inception and are strongly pursuing plans in the Americas and Australia. Our clients have been achieving success in their business since 2 decades because of our great user experience, customization capability and excellent after sales service.

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