Benefits Of Using EZ Business System

» It is departmentalized. All functions of real business are mapped into the software creating a virtual business environment
» It is integrated. If you make an invoice it automatically updates the Accounting Book and the Stock card. Also creates entry into customer statement, sales ledger, Ageing,….
» It is secured, so each user has restricted access to the software
» It is safe, as all data enters an RDBMS owing to its base in an ERP
» It is easy to use, as it is without many configuration options one would see in a generic software. Also, basic settings are properly done by EZware Consultants.
» It saves time. If a user makes a delivery note, it transfers necessary data automatically into the Invoice, etc,. thus reducing time.
» It is foolproof. If one has created a payment receipt voucher, and someone tries to change a preceding Sales Invoice, system blocks such entry.
» It is fast. Owing to the RDBMS base, queries and searches are very fast even in a Wide Area Network.
» It is informative. Owing to a large number of reports and in-built queries, it gives information at every level from every angle.
» It is proactive. Through a system of Alerts & Messaging, it prompts the user to take timely action on a task, be it renewing documents to avoid penalties or ensuring funds in the bank to honor checks on a particular day.
» It is cohesive. If you receive an Invoice from supplier the system automatically cross-checks with actual material received.
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